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The Origins of Bon Voyage Supplements

49,000 feet above ground, a truly novel concept was born:

A supplement for travellers, by travellers

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The Founders of Bon Voyage


Youcef Boudouh


Founder/CEO & President

Thoughts on Bon Voyage:

“’Bon Voyage is a universal wish for good travels and incredible adventures. It is my hope that Bon Voyage Supplements can help travellers achieve this wish.”

Type of  traveller:

Plans weeks in advance

Total kilometres travelled:

270,520 km


Rosanna Marabella


Co-Founder/Vice President

Thoughts on Bon Voyage:

“As an expert traveller, I am extremely excited about Bon Voyage, a unique product that reduces jet lag symptoms. Sleep well, and wake up refreshed!”

Type of  traveller:

Never forgets to pack anything

Total kilometres travelled:

301,080 km


Ralph Wu


Formula Research and Development

Thoughts on Bon Voyage:

“The thing that sets Bon Voyage Supplements apart is how it’s completely natural, so it’s ok to take even for long trips over several weeks.”

Type of  traveller:

Makes lists of must-visit spots

Total kilometres travelled:

297,360 km

The world is an amazing place.
Don’t miss a single second to jetlag.

Giving Back


Bon Voyage Supplement’s formulas use only all-natural active ingredients, for no side effects, no drug dependencies, and no worries. Formulated with organic ingredients, Bon Voyage Supplements are suitable for everyone.

complete quality assurance and guarantee

Only by sourcing from the finest raw ingredient suppliers worldwide, can Bon Voyage Supplements provide its full quality guarantee. From start to finish, every step is controlled for the highest possible quality.

giving back to our communities worldwide

Bon Voyage Supplements is dedicated to giving back to our communities, and has pledged 1% of all profits to Free the Children.